Mitos application is a dynamic free e-tourist guide developed by “Heraclitus” Research Center of the Cyprus University of Technology.

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Discover Cyprus


Begin your wanderings from the globally recognized world heritage religious sites (UNESCO), discover the history of Orthodoxy through time in the scattered churches and beautiful chapels, admire the architecture and get to know the oral history of the island. Watch how religious coexistence and multi-religious Cyprus are reflected in the well-preserved mosques of the island.

Natural Environment

Discover Cyprus of all seasons, all colors and all senses! Start from the blue of the endless coastline, take a deep breath in the greenery of Troodos, observe the colorful traveling birds in the salt  pits, enjoy the sound of the river water and relax under the shade of the age-old trees. Travel through the nature trails to the unique biodiversity of Cyprus.

Specialised form of Tourism

Discover Cyprus of endless activities! Explore its every corner in a bike. Reveal the hinterland by walking its nature trails. Swim and dive in its famous shipwrecks, enjoy the birds flying in the bird watching spots. Visit old mines and quarries and get to know the geology of the island. Look for adventures in a place that will surely reward you!


Relax in the well-organized picnic areas of the Cypriot countryside, in the organised coastal fronts and in the characteristic linear parks of the cities. Take a break in the village and town squares and continue the journey of enjoyment with your family to the playgrounds and theme parks.

Local Products

Get to know the traditional products, seize the opportunity and take part in traditional product preparation seminars to get to know Cyprus better and enrich your recipes. Take with you a strong memory of flavors, experiences, culture from every corner of the island.


Relax your mind and body by making a quality accommodation choice based on your needs. Search among top hotels, agrotourism accommodation, rooms to let, apartments and camping sites in the mountains or at sea. Cyprus has great experience in hospitality!

Dining & Entertainment

Enjoy the ultimate culinary experience at the crossroads of West and East in a place rich in delicacies and outstanding local wines. Try the Cypriot cuisine and feel the unique experience offered by the ‘osmosis’ of different cultures in your dish! Seek and find the places that suit your personality, have fun and get to know the locals and their culture up close.

Cultural Heritage

Watch before your eyes the history of centuries unfold. Visit the Neolithic settlement in Choirokoitia, wander around ancient Palaipafos, the remains of Phoenician civilization in ancient Kiti and around one of the most important ancient ports of the Mediterranean Sea- Ancient Amathus.


Everything you need is near … banks, petrol stations, car rental, pharmacies, hospitals, post offices and many more… it is reassuring to know that all the services that will make your vacation even more carefree are not far away.


Stay active! Take advantage of the good weather and try to work out in the outdoor sports areas, choose a sport that interests you and check the options of organised and non-organised sports, utilising the remarkable sports infrastructure in Cyprus.


Access for all! Learn about the accessible public and private spaces, use the power of technology and contribute to our effort to record accessible Cyprus!


Getting Around Cyprus! Use public transport, take a taxi, rent a car … search here for the info you may need.